The Raw & The Real


My practice is much like my life; a chaotic and seemingly directionless drive to gather materials that draw attention to the beauty that is present in the worldly moment followed by an intensely passionate intent to express a truth I feel comes from a place buried in our genetics that connects us all together. My material choices are meant to juxtapose elements of the natural/physical realm we exist in with the manufactured ones that we have created in an effort to defy our mortality.


Conceptually, my work has the scope of the physicality of an internal space, however, I visualize a group of works to have a very specific relationship to each other and to occupy a visual space that implies extent beyond the physical realm or site in which the work is being experienced. While I create individual works that can stand alone or within a series, my intention is that they are all tied together in some way. Be it through prose or visual connectors in an installation to illustrate a larger connection, I want to tell a story that guides the viewer through the progression of the work as I see it developing a narrative.


The scale of my work has been traditionally small and/or based on the human form. I would like to explore my ability to build on a larger scale to exaggerate/accentuate the viewer’s physical relationship to the work when the concept necessitates. I also want to explore how to design and execute works of public art intended to bring together communities and activate places that have been marginalized or neglected.


Materials and processes often evolve out of necessity and their historical precedent and relevance are how culture develops. I want to explore the intersection of process and material choices with the contextual relationships to the implication of place, the significance of identity, the assumptions of privilege and as indicators of revolution. I believe that ideation requires multiple sources of input as well as constructive analytical processing in order to fully realize work that has a significant impact. Questions lead to methodology and answers lead to intention and purpose. I use materials and processes that I identify as markers of the human experience.